What fighters need to know

What style martial arts is this event?

We welcome students of any martial art. This group is made up of a large cross section of martial artists representing many styles and skill levels. Our focus is on combative martial arts so traditional sports MA rules are not enforced. We like to see what works for each of us so often you will see a match with artists from different styles. For the veteran members, training and sparring with each other has had its effect and it’s always fun to see someone bust out a move from another’s style and surprise their opponent.

What gear should I bring?

This depends on the type of fight styles you would like to engage in. At the very minimum, you should bring a mouth guard as well as any training weapon or safety gear you require for your preferred martial art. Here are some examples of gear that the fighters bring with them.

  • Shin guards / mouth guard / sports cup
  • Boxing or MMA gloves / hand wraps
  • Fencing masks (for knife sparring, stick or sword matches)

How hard do you fight?

We have established three levels of intensity:

Light Intensity: light fights involve “pulling” your strikes so that your partner does not get hurt.

Medium Intensity: these fights involve real contact striking, but following up on a stunned opponent is not done. It is likely that minor injuries such as bumps or bruises will occur.

Full Contact: this level is decided by submission, TKO or knockout and involves a high degree of risk for the participants. These fights do not occur without qualified first aid personnel on staff.

Do I have to know someone, or can I just show up?

We often get new fighters in that don’t know anyone in the group personally. You are absolutely welcome to become part of this awesome group and we will help you with introductions and match you up with a TDG veteran to get you started.

If you do plan to come out on your own, please ensure to have your “in case of emergency” contact information available for the event organizers.

How do fighters get matched up?

To make a challenge, approach another fighter and suggest a match. Fight categories commonly include boxing, kickboxing, MMA, grappling and weapons. You will both agree to duration and intensity then fill out a Fight Card.

If this is your first Throwdown, you will be fighting at a light intensity against an TDG veteran for your first match. They will have the experience to keep the fight safer for both of you should you make beginner mistakes that put you both at risk.

Other Questions

Can I attend the event without participating?

Absolutely! Whether you just want to see what it’s all about or if you are there supporting a fighter, spectators are welcome.

There is a cover charge of $10.00 that applies to all fighters and spectators and everyone must be willing to sign a waiver.

Can I advertise an upcoming seminar to this group?

This community is based on the premise of sharing knowledge and continued learning in martial arts. We would be happy to help promote opportunities to the group.

Member fighters have earned the right to promote their own seminars to this group free of charge. If you are not yet part of this awesome community, we can help you get visibility to your event. A nominal fee will apply.

Promotion requests for members and non-members can be sent to andi@ zirgeracademy. com. Please ensure to send the request a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event date to ensure we have enough time to gather the information and post to the group.

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